Claude Breton

My wife and I were looking for an investment abroad, a well-located, low-cost property…a place with a strong potential of property value increase within the next years. Manta, Ecuador is the location we have selected to buy our first property abroad. This city of 300,000 inhabitants is along the beautiful Pacific Ocean and has a very dry climate with temperatures low and high of 20 C (68 F) and 30 C (86 F), during the entire year! Also, there are no hurricanes in Ecuador.

Manta is the city with the best potential for growth in the country. The Ecuadoreans are planning, here, the construction of a new huge Harbour and of a new International Airport. New industries are also opening (Hyundai cars assembly line is one of these). Manta is known for its important tuna fishing industry. In reading about Manta, I found out that Mr. Richard Parker is the best real estate agent and ”The Specialist” of this city full of life. Mr. Parker is a very helpful and trustworthy man. With his great help, we bought (on pre-construction) a one-bedroom condominium on the 6th floor of The Nerea…It has a beautiful ocean view (we saw whales from it) and is located inside the nice Barbasquillo area of Manta. We bought the condo in May 2011 and visited the construction site, for the first time, in August of this year. Our condo has already risen 15% in value since we purchased it.

The Nerea Architect, Mr. Jose Atiaga, is doing a great job building the project. He was there to help us with our specific needs. The Nerea construction should be finished by May 2012. Then Mr. Parker and his team will take care of all the furnishings and getting the apartment ready for us to vacation in. After staying in it for our next holiday, we are planning to rent our condo with the great help (again) of Mr. Richard Parker.

We are very happy and impressed with the professionalism and hard work that Richard Parker and his team in Manta has shown us. We are not only clients, we are friends. Should you want to contact me for more information on Manta, Ecuador or Richard Parker, please feel free to email me at claudebreton777@yahoo.com

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