Mr. Hawkingston

My wife and I traveled to Manta in March 2018 to visit a close family friend who had purchased a condominium in Manta. Our friend was very impressed by and grateful for the expert assistance provided by Richard throughout the process to find the right place. Richard went well above and beyond what you would expect an agent to do and during all of this, our friend and Richard became good friends.

We too were impressed by Richard’s handling of those matters and remained in contact with him regarding our possible purchase of a condominium in Manta. Richard found an opportunity for us and after going back and forth with the Seller, worked out a mutually agreeable price. We made a last-minute trip to Manta to review the unit in mid-May 2018 and with Richard’s help, made the deal. During this process, we met Richard’s family and had the opportunity to get to know both he and Garrett and the rest of the family residing in Ecuador.

We are pleased to call all of them friends and neighbors. If you are looking to purchase a property in Ecuador, we urge you to seek out Richard and Garrett. Folks this genuine are a rare find indeed!

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