Nashville, Tn. Richard Parker is a rare real estate agent. First of all, he loves his job. There’s not a day in the week when he’s not focusing on some aspect of property sales or rentals. Richard’s curiosity about potential property acquisitions is boundless. He’ll take a long dirt road to nowhere if he thinks there’s a possibility that a unique real estate opportunity lies at the other end. It is this inquisitiveness which has steered many clients to just the kinds of deals that they had envisioned. Second, Richard’s enthusiasm for finding properties gains him many contacts, including furniture makers, interior decorators, electronic experts, importers, and craftsmen of all stripes.

These come in handy, especially for expatriates moving to Ecuador. Third, he is ably assisted by Lorena Sanchez, who grew up in the Manta area, is bi-lingual in Spanish and English, has a keen mind, loves her job, and probably has the sweetest disposition of any woman on the coast of Ecuador. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Richard doesn’t just collect a commission, and move on to the next client.

He takes great pride in making sure that each customer makes the transition to Ecuador in the smoothest way possible. If this means assisting with the physical aspects of the move, helping with paperwork and translations, or just making helpful suggestions, Richard is your man. In my case, I purchased my property over a year ago and paid Richard a commission. Yet, he’s still helping me with the day-to-day hassles which occasionally arise in any new country. If you’re seeking real estate in Ecuador, Richard Parker is your man.

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