It’s our priority to ensure that you experience all that Ecuador has to offer

Welcome to Ecuadorian Coastal Properties

We offer a full range of services for our clients
  • ECP takes the time with you on email or phone to answer questions you have on moving overseas
  • ECP arranges hotels in Quito and or Guayaquil at 50% discounts for your stay while coming to and leaving Ecuador
  • ECP reserves the highest quality condo´s in Manta for your comfort
  • ECP does not charge for in town property tours while you are searching for your home or investment
  • ECP arranges tours of properties with only the qualified and secure owners and developers
  • ECP arranges tours of Manta and the surrounding area to get the “feel” of our “LIFESTYLE” here in Paradise
  • ECP provides tours of the entire coastline for your pleasure
  • ECP provides translation services
  • ECP provides legal advice through our legal team
  • ECP provides visa assistance along with our legal team for your moving here to Ecuador
  • ECP walks you through the entire purchase process with our legal team to secure your new home or investment
  • ECP provides property management for your rental needs
  • ECP provides construction and interior decorating needs after purchase of property


  1. Tony Moura says:

    I have a  oceanfront 2 lots I want to sell in Santa marianita, Robert Parker  told me about your company , I left a message but so far no reply 
    My name is Tony Moura 
    561-512-9114 you can reach me via wasup thanks 

  2. Garrett Parker says:

    Ill be calling you soon. my e mail is
    we would love to assist you and help sell your properties. 

    Garrett Parker
    1 229 469 2411

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