How much will I pay for a condo on the Coast of Ecuador

Santorini Building

It has been 16 months since the earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador. My company has sold 25 condos since then and I have to say at a greatly reduced price. However I will say that I warn my clients that unless they really need the money that now is not the time to sell your investments. In fact prices have been selling as if it were 6 years ago. Yes I hear all the time (well so in so is asking ? amount for their condos). Yes I know… BUT… they are not selling at that price….

Manta Beach Urb

So lets do something. Any of you that has sold or bought property on the Coast of Ecuador, or know someone who has… send me the following information. No names, just real costs.

The approximate location… the actual purchase price… the type of property and age… meters squared of land and construction and approximate date of transaction.

We will use this to see just what the price is now and here on the coast.
It should be fun and entertaining so send me those prices of hard costs.

Richard Parker

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