Wyndham Sail Plaza Manta

With 200 rooms, this is the biggest hotel from the city and the whole province of Manabí.

Highlighted with a modern infraestructure, a wide variety of services, excellent customer service and “convention center” areas able to hold-up to 3.000 people, it is considered as a PRIME lodging destination all along the ecuadorian coast.

Other features include:

“Endless” swimming pool, tropical saloon, disco club, karaoke, wine selection, three restaurants, sport fields, over 300 parking spots, executive floor, spa, gym area, movie theater, among others.

The Sail Plaza Hotel has hosted major events, such as Construction fairs, “Fedexpor” awards, national meeting of oil companies, etc; In addition, it has been an official sponsor of recognized sport competitions such as the Ironman, Special Olympics and Pacific Route. Similarly, the hotel has been awarded by entities from Manabí and Manta, as well as for ecuadorian business chambers that recognize the construction style, engineering, the great capacity and operational design of the hotel.


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