Wally and Hazel Mountz

My husband and I attended an International Living conference in Quito this past March and signed on for a coastal Real Estate Tour beginning in Salinas and ending in Manta.

We had a short but informative introduction to Richard Parker at the conference and decided after the south coastal tour to spend our remaining few days with Richard in Manta viewing potential properties. The difference between the two tours was night and day.

We found Richard to be intelligent, honest, and personable with a wealth of knowledge and his enthusiasm about Manta living made the possibility of actually being able to retire here more than just a dream. Our non-negotiable requirements of renting somewhere that would allow a German shepherd dog and an Irish terrier did not deter him. After three days of looking at every conceivable type of condo/apartment/home – we bid farewell to Richard and Lorena at the airport and returned to the States to analyze our “findings.”

Richard tells us today that as he waved us off he thought “well, I’ll never see them again.” Less than 6 weeks later – our decision made, we contacted Richard who found us a gorgeous brand new ground floor condo to rent and we flew back to Manta in May with our two dogs and four suitcases.

Richard’s realtor duties did not end with the condo however, and he has since become an integral part of our life here and has become a good friend. My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending him and Lorena Sanchez for any Real Estate residential and business requirements in the Manta area – they made our transition to early overseas retirement a great and happy experience for us.

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