Glenn Schulten

I have been asked by Richard to give everyone that is interested an insight regarding my experience in my dealings with Ecuadorean Coastal Properties. I’ll try to be as brief as possible but it is going to be really difficult to do it justice in just a few paragraphs. So I will be brief and include my personal e-mail address if anyone would like to contact me directly for more details.

I first came to Ecuador 2 years ago looking at various properties all along the coast and some in the highlands. I worked with 4 other agents before meeting the good people at Ecuadorean Coastal Properties. I had several priorities during my search and was able to satisfy all my needs with their help. Through them I found the perfect property then was introduced to a general contractor to build my dream home. With the general contractor they also introduced me to several specialty contractors to give me the exact finish details I wanted. The project came in on budget but just a little over the time line, very little. Throughout the project I was transferring money to them to pay for everything and they kept track of every dollar along the way and I was never concerned about sending the cash as I was living out of the country at the time.

They also introduced me to a local lawyer to help with my property closing and everything concerned with applying for and getting my Ecuadorean residence visa. Once again another smooth and simple process. I discovered something else along the way; when you become a client of Ecuadorean Coastal Properties you also become something more, “family”! If you would like to get in touch with me for more details or to answer any questions my e-mail address is: glennthomasschulten@hotmail.com

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