Lori Leiman

Dear Richard, just a note to let you know that you must have thought I was slightly ditsy when I e-mailed you and told you I was on a 50 day cruise around South America last February and wanted to be shown some condos on my one day in Manta.

Unfortunately my one day coincided with Carnival so everything was closed up for the enjoyment of the event. You still took your personal time to meet me at the pier, show me around the beautiful city of Manta, Ecuador, and explain the visa and purchase process there.

Just minutes before I was to return to my ship, we found my lovely 1 bedroom condo with a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. We had just enough time to meet with your English speaking attorney, Paul Molina, and then sign the contract and a Power of Attorney to purchase a beautiful unit in the Nerea building.

You knew you wouldn’t hear from me for 4-1/2 more weeks as I finished my cruise but by the time I arrived home all was in place as promised. Later when I returned to the ship I told all the friends I had I purchased the best and most expensive souvenir of the trip – a condo!

Everyone was surprised but I explained my reasons for doing so. As I returned this year for a stay in my condo, I was so pleased about how wonderful the American Ex-pat situation is in Manta, including a Red Hat Ladies Group, and I already made many friends.

I am looking forward to many visits in the future and highly recommend you and your staff for the quality service, experience and professionalism you offer.

Thanks, Lori Leiman, San Tan Valley, AZ

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