This Incredible and massive piece of land offers the extremely rare opportunity to own one of the largest chunks of habitable property in the Galapagos Islands. For most anyone in this world, the chance of owning a dream property like this doesn’t even register, especially since 97% of the Galapagos Islands are National Park/ Protected Land. Right next to the subject property ( 4 min driving/ 11 minutes walking ) you have the Charles Darwin Scientific Research Station. Bordering the property on the East side is the Galapagos National Park. ENJOY 360 degrees of unbelievable views from Ocean to Beach to National Park.

On 4600 m2 / 1.14 Acres of this lush property sits the main house that also doubles as a private consult Doctor’s office, an expansive garden, abundance of storage, guest houses, and additional outbuilding structures.

20,000 m2 / 4.94 Acres of this property are RAW untouched and natural. Currently it creates an organic privacy barrier between this land and your neighbors to enhance the feeling of the island life. As your plans to grow and your need for enhancing the property increases, you’ll have this 20,000 m2 of untouched land to use and develop as needed.

To own a property like this, the opportunity maybe comes once in a lifetime. This much land for sale in the Galapagos Islands is as rare as it is frutiful. Not only is it one of the most protected areas in the world, it also offers much to do and see for vacationers while providing a mystique only a tropical and highly desirable location like this can offer. The Galapagos sees nearly $150,000 visitors every year, which is why the travel and hospitality industries have flourished.

Some of the animals that will be your neighbors in the Galapagos Islands are Penguins, Giant Tortoises, Seals, Sea Lions, Iguanas, 400 species of fish, 56 species of birds, and much much more.

Property Features

  • Borders National Park
  • Garden
  • Ocean views