CASA IGUANA MAR Y SOL was built from original deep foundation to finish during a 3 year start to finish construction. No left-over rebar. No add-on, then more add-on, in the usual “someday we will finish” Ecuadorian pueblo way. Extensive manzanillo wood inserts form the poured hormigon railings on all three floors. Solid manzanillo doors. There are 5 separate ocean facing entry suites which have private bath. The terrace floor includes the 600 sq ft honeymoon suite which could function as an apartment, separate covered bar seating, wide expanse of multi use lounging and tabled seating. All bathrooms include large showers which are built to function without curtain or sliding doors for easy and sanitary cleaning, bench seating within the shower, safety grab rails. (A tub would use excessive water in this water- scarce environment.) Screened windows allow cross-breeze. Plantation-style shutter closing allows use of the air conditioning. Shutters open: the sounds of the sea lions and crashing waves are heard. The 1st floor includes an additional 600 sq ft master suite, and the open concept kitchen-dining-main living room.

100 meters from waters’ edge, we built with the dream of having 5 relatives stay for 60 days at a time. Located 32 feet above sea level calms worries about sea level rise/shore erosion. Currently we are licensed to operate in tourism hospitality.

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol is within walking distance to everything including banking, restaurants, grocery stores. Taxi fare of $1.50/ride allows one to forget the cost and maintenance of a vehicle, although the property would support altering the gating to allow entrance and parking for a vehicle.

This property is located on the island of San Cristobal, the capital of Galapagos. The island population is less than 10,000, has a hospital, daily flight airport 5 taxi minutes away, cruise departures, lovely surfing sites, daily wildlife tours.