What an unbelievable opportunity!? Whether you are looking to expand your current hospitality/ hotel portfolio or have simply dreamed of owning/ operating your own Bed and Breakfast/Hotel/Restaurant, this expansive and majestic property needs to be on your radar. A prime location between 2 of the most iconic tourist attractions in Ecuador, Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) & The Pululahua Crater.

With the thoughtful layout of this property and given the size of this lot, there is plenty of room for business expansion when the time comes, and for use of entertaining friends and family. This property has an undeniably beautiful setting surrounded by towering mountains. The sounds, sights, and smells of Nature surround you at this peaceful portion of paradise.

This sprawling ranch style property comes equipped with a cabin, restaurant/ballroom/disco, an outdoor BBQ kitchen, commercial style interior kitchen, and much more. This is the dream property for anyone that has ever believed in dreams.

Here are the room/area meaurements:

Kitchen – 5.65m x 10.50m = 59.32m² (638.5ft²)

Multi-purpose room #1 – 8.7m x 6.8m = 59.16m² (636.79ft²)

Multi-purpose room #2 – 13.3m x 7.2m = 95.76m² (1030.75ft²)

Bedroom #1 – 5.3m x 6.2m = 32.86m² (353.7ft²)

Bedroom #2 – 5.3m x 3m = 15.9m² (171.15ft²)

Bedroom #3 – 6m x 3.25m = 19.5m² (209.9ft²)

Bedroom #4 – 6.8m x 3.15m = 21.42m² (230.56ft²)

Bedroom #5 – 3.55m x 6.4m = 22.72m² (244.56ft²)

Bedroom #6 – 4.65m x 2.7m = 12.56m² (135.19ft²)

Bedroom #7 – 4.65m x 2.8m = 13.02m² (140.15ft²)

Cabin – 6m x 4m = 24m² (258.33ft²)

Office – 3.15m x 6m = 18.9m² (203.44ft²)

Laundry room – 2.4m x 2m = 4.8m² (51.67ft²)

Cistern room – 2.3m x 2.17m = 4.99m² (53.71ft²)

Storage room #1 – 3.56m x 5.65 = 20.11m² (216.46ft²)

Storage room #2 – 3m x 3m = 9m² (96.88ft²)

Garage – 4.7m x 10m = 47m² (505.9ft²)