When I first saw this home under construction I thought to myself that “ok”, Here is another big home being built. We walked out onto the cement and iron construction and saw that this is no ordinary home. It was being built to last by a local Engineer friend of ours. The columns were 30% larger than required and the cement was poured 2 inches more than normal. yes my friends this is your ultimate home poised on the Pacific Ocean with a view that can’t be beaten.
This home comes with 5 large bedrooms each with bathrooms plus a large living / great room looking out to the ocean. All rooms have Air Conditioners and fully glassed-in showers. There are 650 sq. ft. of terrace and 3,443 sq. ft. of covered living space. All appliances are included and are all upscale as are the cabinets, granite countertops, and porcelain tile.
 You could sit at your dinner table and see hundreds of miles out into the ocean. Just outside the dining room was a swimming pool again looking out onto the Pacific Ocean. The outdoor dining was on the left side of the pool and was picture perfect as you could sit and enjoy a nice beverage while you enjoyed gazing as the whales swam by. “YES WHALES”, No kidding. You can easily see the whales during the season. I also enjoyed the straw roof covering the outdoor dining area. It just gave it that “Paradise” flavor.
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