1053m² waterfront lot within the compound of the Playa Escondida Ecological Reserve in Muisne canton in Esmeraldas province. It is located 10km from Tonchigüe the closest village, 15km from the Same resort area, and 25 km from Atacames the closest big town. The city of Esmeraldas with airport and modern shopping facilities is only 50km away

Playa Escondida is a quiet and peaceful natural retreat, ideal for bird and nature lovers. There is a hostel and a restaurant as well as a camping site and a private secluded beach. It is well-serviced and secure urbanization for like-minded people from around the world i.e. Canadians, Americans, Germans, Italians, Spanish, Swiss, Equatorians…

Playa Escondida provides water service. Well, water is pumped to the house water tank as required but is not potable. Bottled drinking water is delivered regularly by the local supplier.

The property itself is off the beaten track away from the commercial part of Playa Escondida. It is surrounded by re-growth forest and it has some forest and a lush garden with decorative and fruit trees: coconut, banana, plantain, pomme-grenade, lemon, lime, grapefruit, papaya.

House :

Date of completion: 2015

224m² three-story brick, cement, and wood construction, designed to withstand earthquakes. Put to test during the April 2016 tremors and passed the test with flying colors. No damages incurred

Ground floor: 40cm thick double-layered brick walls reinforced with rebar on a cement foundation

2nd and 3rd floors: dyers mulberry wood pillars and beams and 20cm thick single layer brick walls.

Ground and 2nd floors are completely finished. 3rd-floor finishing pending.

All floors are of terra cotta tiles from Cuenca and wood finishing of local mahogany and “colorado”

Ground floor: kitchen, atelier/spare room, foyer, bathroom, laundry room

2nd floor: dining room, living room, 1 bedroom, bathroom, 2 large balconies partially covered

3rd floor: one large room with bathroom, large panoramic balcony partially covered

Property Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Beach Front
  • Fully Furnished
  • Garage
  • Microwave
  • Ocean View
  • Parking
  • Range and Over
  • Waterfront Property