“This one-of-a-kind timber-frame home, appropriately named “Villa “Frangipani”, is situated on a cul-de-sac road which is located along the most beautiful beach on the coast of Ecuador.  The row of custom-built homes along this road are inhabited primarily by American/Canadian retirees. This custom-built home faces the ocean and allows you to fall asleep to the sound of waves and to begin your morning with an ocean dip and/or a walk on the beach which stretches for miles. You might want to visit the fishing community of San Jacinto for a delicious breakfast or do some shopping at the quaint stores in the area.

The construction of Villa Frangipani began in 2011, although the owners, an Ecuadorian builder and a Swedish World Banker, bought the land in 1999. The house is a soaring network of beams, rafters, and braces which are joined with glovelike precision, using wooden pegs. No nails in this house! All timber is local hardwood (Tabebuia crysantha). Every room is very large and allows for a spacious environment. A few walls on the first floor are made of brick while the majority are built with a 2×4 structure, bamboo, chicken wires, and then plastered beautifully in an undulated manner. On the second floor, the walls are made of bamboo and/or plastered cement blocks. All appliances are imported Whirlpool as well all faucets and electric switches and sockets are imported for better quality. All granite in the home is imported from Brazil and is classified as “Kilimanjaro”.

The first floor (315 m2) includes a very large kitchen, dining room, and living room, study and social bathroom, entrance hallway with stairway and waterfall wall, surrounded by patio terrace on three sides. The first floor also includes two storage rooms and a staff room with a full bath. Upstairs (315 m2), includes four very large bedrooms with walk-in closets, three full baths, a large hallway, and an enormous terrace on three sides. Outbuilding includes four storage rooms (which can easily be converted into b&b). Large garage area, outdoor cooking area, including oven.

A majority of homes built at this end of the beach are owned by North Americans and have a very nice vacation feel to it. This home is by far the nicest on the beach and is built with care and strength behind every post and beam.

Acquire this marvelous home for yourself or turn into a business like an exclusive b&b or restaurant!”

Property Features

  • Beach Front
  • Dishwasher
  • Garage
  • Ocean View
  • Parking
  • Playground
  • Waterfront Property