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14 years in business

And we are just getting started

I came to Ecuador permanently in 2006 after making several scouting trips to other South American countries. I found many places I would love to be in but none that tickled my fancy like Ecuador.

Santa Marianita Beach Sunset

After living in Alaska for over 25 years, I felt that good year round weather was my main priority. Living in Manta, Ecuador on the equator provided just that for me. The climate of the coast around Manta is even better. Dry warm weather is the norm here.

Manta also provides the country´s largest fruit, vegetable and fish markets which suites me just fine. I also wanted to maximize my retirement funds and I found that my money goes 58% farther here than in the USA.

Ecuadorian Coastal Properties started by accident. I had not intended on working here at all. But after seeing that more and more North Americans were coming to Manta, I knew I could help them with their search for paradise as well. I started knocking on doors of nice properties, walking the land outside of Manta and then finding out who they belonged to.Also gaining the trust of many builders and politicians helped me further the growth of my company.

I went to many business functions and introduced myself to Manta´s leaders. Fortunately I spoke Spanish well enough to become friends with all the right players in Manta. What I discovered was a warm and genuine community willing to open their doors to North Americans coming in droves to discover this warm city on the Pacific Ocean.

Islote Galapagos

Ecuadorian Coastal properties has grown to cover the entire coast of Ecuador and we now have affiliate offices in other locations throughout Ecuador. We are a proven and trusted company that has been accepted by our community for our integrity and our hard work with international clients and within the Manta community.

Thank you all for your acceptance of our Ecuadorian Coastal Properties family.

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