Fish Market


Placed on Tarqui Beach in Manta you can find one of the best fish markets in the world. Fresh nightly catches of tuna, shrimp and a variety of other seafood compose an array of options to choose from. Manta is the largest exporter of tuna in the world, so the catch is always fresh.

Ships Construction

Here you will see restaurant owners buying fish to put on the table in front of their customers. If you like to whip up your own masterpiece in the kitchen you can buy shrimp for $5/lb. Either way, the freshness of the catch will be apparent from the first bite!

Get to the market around 6 and you can see the fish being carried up from the boats pulled up on the beach. The fishermen sell to vendors or pass the catch along to their salesmen to sell in the market.

Conchas Market

Just a couple hundred feet down the beach you can see hand made boats being crafted. Each boat is uniquely designed and painted so that when it is launched into sea there are no others like it. These boats are extremely economical, an approximately 70 foot boat, with engines, can be bought for around 150K!

Ships Construction

Driving down the malecon, the road paralleling the beach, you see big statues of tuna and an abundance of boats in the port. This truly is the tuna capital, something you will find out when you take your first bite of delicious, fresh caught tuna!

Fish Sale

Come join us in paradise and we will be sure to show you this and many other great attractions Manta has to offer!

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