Golf Course in Manta, Ecuador


There is now a golf course in Manta, Ecuador. That’s right, the first and only golf course in Manta, Ecuador is moving along steadily and is projected to be ready for action by the end of December 2012. Manta and the surrounding areas now have more than just beautiful beaches, custom homes ,and great condos, we have a new almost finished golf course. Of course this is South America and things can take a little longer to be perfected, but it is sure to be worth the wait. The golf course in Manta, Ecuador has been under construction for a year and a half and it will resemble the Desert Palms Course from Palm Springs, USA. This course and its’ board, which I am a member of, has not chosen a real name yet but we have a couple that we are looking at. The golf course is just north of Manta only a 12 minute drive from center of the city. The Golf Course in Manta, Ecuador is an exclusive listing of Ecuadorian Coastal Properties for now and we have great prices offered only through us. Look on our website to see the initial listing of properties available on the course  and we will send you more information when you contact us. The listings are currently priced at pre-construction prices and are projected to increase upon completion alone, so don’t miss out! Just think, now you have the ocean, the climate, and a signature golf course to keep you happy.

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