Dear Richard, just a note to let you know that you must have thought I was slightly ditsy when I e-mailed you and told you I was on a 50 day cruise around South America last February and wanted to be shown some condos on my one day in Manta. Unfortunately my one day coincided with Carnival so everything was closed up for the enjoyment of the event. You still took your personal time to meet me at the pier, show me around the beautiful city of Manta, Ecuador, and explain the visa and purchase process there. Just minutes before I was to return to my ship, we found my lovely 1 bedroom condo with a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. We had just enough time to meet with your English speaking attorney, Paul Molina, and then sign the contract and a Power of Attorney to purchase a beautiful unit in the Nerea building. You knew you wouldn't hear from me for 4-1/2 more weeks as I finished my cruise but by the time I arrived home all was in place as promised. Later when I returned to the ship I told all the friends I had I purchased the best and most expensive souvenir of the trip - a condo! Everyone was surprised but I explained my reasons for doing so. As I returned this year for a stay in my condo, I was so pleased about how wonderful the American Ex-pat situation is in Manta, including a Red Hat Ladies Group, and I already made many friends. I am looking forward to many visits in the future and highly recommend you and your staff for the quality service, experience and professionalism you offer. Thanks, Lori Leiman, San Tan Valley, AZ

Lori Leiman

Good morning from Bozeman, Montana. I am looking out the window at 2 – 3 inches of fresh snow, and thinking about the obviously better option of looking out at the beach in Manta!! We are so happy and grateful to have met you in Ecuador. Thank you for the time you spent with us and the information that filled our heads and our hearts with the desire to return. We have much to do here in Montana before we are free to adventure permanently to Ecuador, but we will be back to visit sooner that we are ready to move. And when we are ready to make a change, we hope to be able to contact you for some expert assistance!
Again, thank you – we really enjoyed our trip to Manta!

Gini Nyquist

I have been asked by Richard to give everyone that is interested an insight regarding my experience in my dealings with Ecuadorean Coastal Properties. I'll try to be as brief as possible but it is going to be really difficult to do it justice in just a few paragraphs. So I will be brief and include my personal e-mail address if anyone would like to contact me directly for more details.

I first came to Ecuador 2 years ago looking at various properties all along the coast and some in the highlands. I worked with 4 other agents before meeting the good people at Ecuadorean Coastal Properties. I had several priorities during my search and was able to satisfy all my needs with their help. Through them I found the perfect property then was introduced to a general contractor to build my dream home. With the general contractor they also introduced me to several specialty contractors to give me the exact finish details I wanted. The project came in on budget but just a little over the time line, very little. Throughout the project I was transferring money to them to pay for everything and they kept track of every dollar along the way and I was never concerned about sending the cash as I was living out of the country at the time.

They also introduced me to a local lawyer to help with my property closing and everything concerned with applying for and getting my Ecuadorean residence visa. Once again another smooth and simple process. I discovered something else along the way; when you become a client of Ecuadorean Coastal Properties you also become something more, "family"! If you would like to get in touch with me for more details or to answer any questions my e-mail address is: glennthomasschulten@hotmail.com

Glenn Schulten

Glenn Schulten, Jacksonville, Fl

My husband is from Ecuador, but hasn't lived there for many years.

We want to call Ecuador home when we retire, and so we took a trip in September of 2008 to do some exploring. We were fortunate to have been referred to Richard by a couple we met by chance in Cotacachi in September 2008. The rest is history.

Due to some scheduling mishaps we only had one day to visit Manta, a place that we wanted to spend several days exploring. From the minute Richard answered our desperate call with openness and enthusiasm, we knew we had found the right person to introduce us to the Manta lifestyle. We were immediately caught-up by his high energy, his knowledge of the expat lifestyle in Manta (he lives it & breathes it) and the local culture. He knew instinctively what we would benefit from seeing. We spent a non-stop action packed day with Richard.

We met other warm and friendly expats, viewed high rise condos, and development projects, visited homes, trekked through the hills surrounding Manta and even climbed a home made lookout post on a hilltop to view whales! All that and lunch (soup, main course & dessert for $2.50) too! We accomplished everything that we had hoped to in one day with Richard's invaluable expertise!

We could not have asked for a better introduction to Manta and the expat lifestyle that we hope to adopt soon! Since our visit, Richard found us the perfect oceanfront condo in the building project that we fell in love with during our whirlwind tour.

Richard and Lorena are managing our condo for us, including the furnishing of it, which we know was a lot of work. To this day, and I know it will continue, they have been very responsive, caring, and always open to share ideas and information with us. We consider them our friends.

Thank you, Richard, for your professionalism, care for your customers, and most importantly, your friendship.

Noelle Gabay

Noelle Gabay, California

My husband and I attended an International Living conference in Quito this past March and signed on for a coastal Real Estate Tour beginning in Salinas and ending in Manta. We had a short but informative introduction to Richard Parker at the conference and decided after the south coastal tour to spend our remaining few days with Richard in Manta viewing potential properties. The difference between the two tours was night and day. We found Richard to be intelligent, honest, and personable with a wealth of knowledge and his enthusiasm about Manta living made the possibility of actually being able to retire here more than just a dream. Our non-negotiable requirements of renting somewhere that would allow a German shepherd dog and an Irish terrier did not deter him. After three days of looking at every conceivable type of condo/apartment/home - we bid farewell to Richard and Lorena at the airport and returned to the States to analyze our "findings." Richard tells us today that as he waved us off he thought "well, I'll never see them again." Less than 6 weeks later - our decision made, we contacted Richard who found us a gorgeous brand new ground floor condo to rent and we flew back to Manta in May with our two dogs and four suitcases. Richard's realtor duties did not end with the condo however, and he has since become an integral part of our life here and has become a good friend. My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending him and Lorena Sanchez for any Real Estate residential and business requirements in the Manta area - they made our transition to early overseas retirement a great and happy experience for us.

Wally and Hazel Mountz

It has been our pleasure to have Richard & Lorena, owners of Ecuadorian Coastal Properties in our lives, both personally and professionally.

Our association really began last September. We e-mailed Richard asking him to intervene on our behalf in making contact with a project in Cotacachi that we were attempting to purchase.

We were out of the country and could not get anyone to respond to us from their organization. Although Richard was able to contact them they still did not respond to us. This lack of response was a blessing in disguise for us, as now we have purchased in Manta.

Thanks to Richard at Ecuadorean Coastal Properties, we are now the proud owners of a wonderful condo on the beach.

As this condo is new, it needed to be completely outfitted. Since we cannot communicate in Spanish as yet, both Richard and Lorena were invaluable in translating and negotiating our purchases.

The time they invested in assisting us was above and beyond the call of duty and we will be forever grateful.

Having met many other expats while in Manta, the consensus is over-whelming. Richard Parker is THE realtor to assist you in your search for property in Ecuador.

And now even better, Richard's son and daughter in law has added their skills in with the business as well. They both market on Facebook and the beautiful website you are looking at now....

Ecuadorian Coastal Properties were chosen by House Hunters International to film a segment on their show of Manta. That segment is now the top show in the series of HGTV HHI...We are very proud to have Richard and his whole team as our realtors and friends.

Should anyone wish to communicate with us for further information they can reach us at my email below and we will provide a phone number if desired.

Marg & Stu Henschel
Calgary, AB, Canada & Manta, Ecuador

Stu and Marg Henschel

Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK
"Having almost given up hope of what I was looking for, Richard Parker showed an amazing aptitude to interpret what I needed and at very short notice showed a variety of suitable properties. His strong local knowledge and deep appreciation of the needs of expatriate buyers ensured that I was launched on the process of buying a building lot "to die for" the very day I was leaving. I can only recommend Richard very highly".


Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK

Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK
"Having almost given up hope of what I was looking for, Richard Parker showed an amazing aptitude to interpret what I needed and at very short notice showed a variety of suitable properties. His strong local knowledge and deep appreciation of the needs of expatriate buyers ensured that I was launched on the process of buying a building lot "to die for" the very day I was leaving. I can only recommend Richard very highly".


Nashville, Tn

Richard Parker is a rare real estate agent.

First of all, he loves his job. There's not a day in the week when he's not focusing on some aspect of property sales or rentals. Richard's curiosity about potential property acquisitions is boundless. He'll take a long dirt road to nowhere if he thinks there's a possibility that a unique real estate opportunity lies at the other end. It is this inquisitiveness which has steered many clients to just the kinds of deals that they had envisioned.

Second, Richard's enthusiasm for finding properties gains him many contacts, including furniture makers, interior decorators, electronic experts, importers, and craftsmen of all stripes. These come in handy, especially for expatriates moving to Ecuador.

Third, he is ably assisted by Lorena Sanchez, who grew up in the Manta area, is bi-lingual in Spanish and English, has a keen mind, loves her job, and probably has the sweetest disposition of any woman on the coast of Ecuador.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Richard doesn't just collect a commission, and move on to the next client. He takes great pride in making sure that each customer makes the transition to Ecuador in the smoothest way possible. If this means assisting with the physical aspects of the move, helping with paperwork and translations, or just making helpful suggestions, Richard is your man.

In my case, I purchased my property over a year ago, and paid Richard a commission. Yet, he's still helping me with the day-to-day hassles which occasionally arise in any new country.

If you're seeking real estate in Ecuador, Richard Parker is your man.


Quito, Ecuador
"I tried for several years to locate and to buy properties on the coast of Ecuador. Many Ecuadorians attempted to show me properties during this time. However, all of the properties always turned out to be oranges when I had very specifically asked for apples. Also, the Ecuadorians attempted on more than one occasion to inflate the values of properties in order to secure for themselves a fat commission. On one such occasion, the property was inflated from the real asking price of $900,000 to an unrealistic price of $2,100,000 thus ensuring the Ecuadorian real estate person a commission of $1,100,000. Needless to say, I did not buy this property nor any other from these salespeople.
"Richard Parker was the first person on the coast who showed me apples when I asked for apples. He is also the first and only real estate person who only shows me properties which are represented at a fair price. So, not only do you save time, you also save money by using his services. Mr. Parker receives my highest recommendation to those who need his services."
Richard A.

Richard A

My wife and I were looking for an investment abroad, a well located, low cost property...a place with a strong potential of property value increase within next years.

Manta, Ecuador is the location we have selected to buy our first property abroad. This city of 300,000 inhabitants is along the beautiful Pacific Ocean and has a very dry climate with temperatures low and high of 20 C (68 F) and 30 C (86 F), during the entire year! Also there are no hurricanes in Ecuador. Manta is the city with the best potential of growing in the country. The Ecuadoreans are planning , here, the construction of a new huge Harbour and of a new International Airport. New industries are also opening (Hyundai cars assembly line is one of these). Manta is known for its important tuna fishing industry.

In reading about Manta, I found out that Mr Richard Parker is the best real estate agent and ''The Specialist'' of this city full of life. Mr Parker is a very helpful and trustworthy man. With his great help, we bought (on pre-construction) a one bedroom condominium on the 6th floor of The Nerea...It has a beautiful ocean view (we saw whales from it) and is located inside the nice Barbasquillo area of Manta. We bought the condo in May 2011 and visited the construction site, for the first time, in August of this year. Our condo has already risen 15% in value since we purchased it.

The Nerea Architect, Mr Jose Atiaga, is doing a great job building the project. He was there to help us in our specific needs. The Nerea construction should be finished by May 2012. Then Mr Parker and his team will take care of all the furnishings and getting the apartment ready for us to vacation in. After staying in it for our next holiday, we are planning to rent our condo with the great help (again) of Mr Richard Parker. We are very happy and impressed with the professionalism and hard work that Richard Parker and his team in Manta has shown us. We are not only clients, we are friends.

Should you want to contact me for more information on Manta, Ecuador or Richard Parker, please feel free to email me at: claudebreton777@yahoo.com

Claude Breton

On May 23, 2011, I arrived in Manta, Ecuador with the intention of researching the Real Estate market and possibly purchasing property. After asking around, I was introduced to Richard Parker and Lorena Sanchez, who represent Ecuadorean Coastal Properties. I explained that I was looking for property that would potentially appreciate in value,and be used for a base of operations for South and Central America.

Richard showed me numerous properties, but the one that got my attention was a condo complex on the south side of Manta called Nerea. After several days of viewing comparable condos, and becoming familiar with Manta and the Real Estate market with the courteous and professional assistance of Richard and Lorena, I purchased my unit in Nerea.
Richard and Lorena , over the course of my 2 week stay, were able to answer all of my questions, and steer me in the right direction based on my requirements. I look forward to the completion of my condo in May, 2012, and fully anticipate the same kind of professional treatment from Richard and Lorena during the build- out and furnishing phase.

Dan from Texas

Dan S.