Shipping household goods to Ecuador

For the last two years I have not recommended my friends or clients to ship their household goods to Ecuador. I have heard just too many sad stories of entire homes of furniture sitting in customs for months or even years. I know of one gentleman that moved to Ecuador from New Zealand that shipped four kayaks and a broken down couch. By the time he got them out of “lockup” six months later he owed $14,000. It seems that $40 per day is the going rate for storage here. You see it is not the shipping that is the problem, it is the getting them out of customs that is the killer. The old “grease the palms” method is standard here but fortunately the country is starting to crack down on this.

Now I usually tell people it is still an interesting process but that we have the right people in Guayaquil to make things happen. It all happened when a friend had his goods shipped out of North Florida. He walked out and had the shippers come in and take over. He even left dirty dishes in the sink. The crew packed everything in sight and moved them to a freight forwarding office. From there they informed him his goods would be in Ecuador in a month. Ten days later I got a call for him to pick them up…WHAT…He was not even in country yet…He picked up his Visa in Miami which was arranged for him by our attorney, Roberto Moreno and jumped on the next flight to Guayaquil. There he was met by his customs agent that guided him and his goods through customs in 5 days…That´s right, I said 5 days. This is a first to my knowledge and I quickly moved to meet this superwoman. Soon I found out that she has been in the business for 25 years and knows anyone that is someone in the shipping business Guayaquil. To make sure this was not an accident I watched as she has helped several other clients with their shipping as well. Not one glitch…NADA…as we say here…

You betcha…we formed the Ecuadorean Coastal Properties shipping and are now assisting others as they send their goods safely to Ecuador. The most important thing you can do is to contact us first at: or my email at:

We will arrange the correct paperwork and make sure everything is filled out correctly before you send anything to the embassy. This will save you time and money as we know the correct way that is expected in Guayaquil…Not in the States. There is the problem…laws change so quickly that the Ecuadorean Embassies do not know what to expect. So call us and ship your goods with care and confidence to your new home in paradise.

Richard Parker