Honeymoons and Dental Work Manta Ecuador


Ecuador – A small, unique, South American country full of unexpected and wonderful surprises.  This is how I at least would describe this vibrant country, that for what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in what it has to offer.

One of these surprising and attractive qualities is Ecuador’s inexpensive and top quality health and dental care.

Expats will attest to the affordability of the healthcare system here, with those from the United States noting the cost of private care is generally 15-25% of what it would cost in the states, with some procedures and major surgeries being 10% and even lower.  The low cost of healthcare here does not mean a loss of quality or inexperience.  Most of the doctors and dentist in Ecuador have been educated as well as trained in the United States, Canada, or Europe and great number of them speak English.

Along with private health services being offered and many electing to be “self-insured”, or pay as they go, there are a number of other options available.  Expats can also elect to sign up for international health insurance, choose from Ecuadorean health insurance providers, or sign up with a private hospital.

Ecuador also has a public healthcare system available to its residents as well as Expats with a current visa.  While one may sometimes have to wait a few weeks for an appointment the fee is $60-$70 a month and is comprehensive with no deductible.

One of the fastest growing areas in the medical field in Ecuador is dentistry.  This area has seen a recent influx of “dental tourism”, with many traveling here just to have work done.  Recently a friend and his wife came to Ecuador for their honeymoon, after learning it would be only $35 to fill a cavity the newlyweds were soon spending part of their time in the dentist’s office, luckily for them it only took a total of 30 minutes and his appointment was the same day they called.

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In the bigger cities, Guayaquil and Quito, health and dental care are easily available but also tend to be more expensive.  This is why it is important to find a balance between cost and accessibility when looking at where to relocate in Ecuador. One of the most well balanced cities, with access to multiple modern facilities but at less the cost, is Manta.

One dentist office in Manta is the Implant Centre run by director and dentist Dr. Joe Orti.  The Implant Centre offers general services and also specializes in implants.  Dr. Orti has lived in Ecuador for four years and is originally from Ottawa, Canada.  He attended universities in both Winnipeg and Toronto and practiced dentistry in Canada for over 30 years.  He took some time to sit down with us and answer some questions we thought might be helpful for the expat interested in receiving medical work while in Ecuador.  I asked Dr. Orti to describe to me the difference in price, the quality of care, and the reasons behind any differences.  He explained that generally prices are around a third of the costs they would be in the states but the care and type of materials used is exactly the same as in North America. Many of the dental equipment and materials used are from the same suppliers that North America uses but are bought at a much lesser price in Ecuador.  He also explained how the American Dental Association (A.D.A.) has a field guide that sets standards for prices that are generally inflated as well as without compromise, while there is no such organization governing such things here.   According to Dr. Orti if a patient were to walk in and ask to have their teeth looked at and nothing had to be done then there would be no charge.  As he so eloquently put it “If I asked you how my shoes looked and you said fine, I wouldn’t expect you to charge me.”  This common sense approach that isn’t so common in the United States is something that is able to be applied to dental practices in Ecuador and help to keep the cost affordable. A sample of prices and times needed for a procedure follows:

Lab ($)
Total ($)
15 min.
30 min.
30 min.
Root Canal
2 weeks
30 min
5 days
Complete Dentures
2 weeks

One thing Dr.Orti was adamant about was the same standards of quality one would receive here as they would in North America; The same quality if not the same exact products are used, if something cannot be done down here then it is sent to North America to be finished, and some procedures may require more time to be done down here but that is to ensure they are done correctly as business can move slower in Ecuador.  dr joe blog 2 dr joe blog

The overall theme throughout healthcare and dental care in Ecuador is high quality service at affordable prices.


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